Rabbit 286 ????

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Fri Apr 10 22:26:20 1998


  I opened a couple of them up last night and played with them. One is now
fully functional and I *think* the display is history in the other one. I
haven't checked the third one yet.

At 06:43 PM 4/10/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I've wanted to find one of those and do that too.
>640 x 400 is probably line-doubled CGA (which is 320 x 200 and 640 x 200 in
>mono mode) or maybe EGA (not sure what res, I never had one of those). But
>it's probably red monochrome right?

  It is EGA and it is red monochrome. Nice and bright!

>You could open it up and look at the interface to the display; if it's
>integrated into the motherboard, you're probably SOL, but maybe you're lucky
>and it's on an ISA card (not likely since they probably wanted to conserve

   It's strange, it has what appears to be a Western Digital controller
card for the floppy and hard drive except the plasma display is also driven
off the same card! There is also a second card in the machine that has a
port for an external monitor. The motherboard appers to be a standard size
and layout board. If it is, I'll probably stick a 386 or 486 motheboard in
one of these machines.


>slots as much as possible). Then again it could just directly use the
>signals rather than something proprietary, but that would have been harder to
>do I'd think.
>You could get one of those cheesy upgrade options :-). There used to be 386
>ISA cards, and there might still be those "Make It 386" or "-486" cards that
>replace the processor. I saw them as recently as a year or so ago in some
>catalog I think.
>Joe wrote:
>> Today I bought three portable PCs marked "Rabbit 286". They're about
>> the size of a large lunch box and have a keyboard that fastens against one
>> side. When you remove the keyboard it uncovers a gas plasma screen. There
>> are slots for two 3.5 drives on the right hand side and a door on the left
>> side. Opening the door exposes the back of several expansion card slots.
>> There's a label on the bottom that says "Chicony Electronics Co.", "Model
>> 286G-A", "Gas Plasma Display" and "640H x 400W Dots". One almost works, one
>> is dead and the third one is somewhere in between. Does anyone know
>> anything about these? I'm wondering if it's possible to put a small 386 or
>> 486 mother board in these.
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