Rabbit 286 ????

From: Shawn T. Rutledge <ecloud_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Fri Apr 10 20:43:33 1998

I've wanted to find one of those and do that too.

640 x 400 is probably line-doubled CGA (which is 320 x 200 and 640 x 200 in
mono mode) or maybe EGA (not sure what res, I never had one of those). But
it's probably red monochrome right?

You could open it up and look at the interface to the display; if it's
integrated into the motherboard, you're probably SOL, but maybe you're lucky
and it's on an ISA card (not likely since they probably wanted to conserve
slots as much as possible). Then again it could just directly use the CGA/EGA
signals rather than something proprietary, but that would have been harder to
do I'd think.

You could get one of those cheesy upgrade options :-). There used to be 386
ISA cards, and there might still be those "Make It 386" or "-486" cards that
replace the processor. I saw them as recently as a year or so ago in some
catalog I think.

Joe wrote:
> Today I bought three portable PCs marked "Rabbit 286". They're about
> the size of a large lunch box and have a keyboard that fastens against one
> side. When you remove the keyboard it uncovers a gas plasma screen. There
> are slots for two 3.5 drives on the right hand side and a door on the left
> side. Opening the door exposes the back of several expansion card slots.
> There's a label on the bottom that says "Chicony Electronics Co.", "Model
> 286G-A", "Gas Plasma Display" and "640H x 400W Dots". One almost works, one
> is dead and the third one is somewhere in between. Does anyone know
> anything about these? I'm wondering if it's possible to put a small 386 or
> 486 mother board in these.

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