gcc for VAX VMS

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sat Apr 11 13:26:32 1998

Pete Turnbull wrote:
>Near the bottom of the page you'll find the "Tools" section, which includes
>zip, unzip, gzip, and vmstar. Unzip, gunzip, and vms tar are also on
>ftp site. There's a pointer at

Thanks, I'll grab them from there. Of course now CMUIP is giving me
problems and doesn't seem to want to transfer the gcc archive off of my
Linux box. It lets me ftp small text files, without a problem. Doesn't do
a thing when I try to do a binary ftp of gcc.

>Now, can someone remind me of the URL for VMS hobby licensing so I can do
>something about my MicroVAX?

Well, since you are in the UK, you'll need to go for the European Hobbyist
License, unfortunatly I can't find the URL for the Web page. IIRC it's
actually the digital European web sit. I've got it bookmarked at work, but
they've got a downtime right now so I can't access my files at the moment.
There was a USENET post on this, but I couldn't dig it out with DejaNews.
When the info about this was posted there was mention that the Eurpopean
Hobbyist License might also include Alpha's, be interesting to know if
that's true.


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