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From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_wco.com>
Date: Sat Apr 11 12:22:34 1998

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, SUPRDAVE wrote:

> now, back to something on topic...
> picked up an unenhanced //e system for $10. a bit dirty from no use and a
> broken shift key, but powers up fine. came with 2 floppies, monchrome display
> which needs the contrast control cleaned and the ever popular system saver.
> this one has a hayes micromodem //e whereas the ][+ i got last week had a
> micromodem II. besides the way they connect to the phone line, are there any
> major differences? i presume both are still 300bps.

Not really, save for what you already noticed (which is that the
micromodem // requires the external box for connection to the phone line).
The Micromodem //e is just a better version. Both are 300bps. The
Micromodem //e was my first modem. I still remember the first time I
logged in with it. I was using the Hayes SmartModem software and didn't
know there was an option to turn off the carrier after connect. I used it
for a couple weeks like that annoying anyone who would walk by with the
carrier squeal.

I have a set of machine language drivers I wrote for the modem, including
an ampersand (&) library so that you can access the modem from BASIC and
write your own modem programs. It handles stuff like off-hook, on-hook,
dial digit string, wait for rings, wait for carrier, etc. The Micromodem
//e did not use the AT command set oddly enough. You had to drive it
manually by poking memory addresses and stuff. I used the library to
write a fast wardialing program (it could do about 1000+ numbers an hour).
If you ever want it for anything, its available.

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