NOS Bare Boards: What to do?

From: Bill Yakowenko <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 17:43:35 1998

One other thing, before soldering stuff onto that board, make a copy
of it. (Do photocopiers make decent prints of bare boards?) Once
a board has chips soldered onto it, it can be a pain to figure out
which things connect to what. Having a bare-board print could help
a lot in reverse-engineering the schematic (although I suspect there
are still MP-A schematics to be had out there). And who knows, you
might someday want to clone that board.


] From: "Jeff Kaneko" <>
] Guys:
] Afer looking at a number of responses, Uncle Roger's position
] seems the most logical to me (besides, one other person suggested
] this also). I think I'll buy that parts to build this, and just keep
] it until needed.
] Building it won't be a priority, though. The MP-A wasn't exactly the
] best SS-50 CPU available. I have a NOS Thomas Instruments Super CPU,
] that I've wanted to build for years. Compared with other S-50 boards
] of that era, it had alot of cool features. I am working on getting a
] couple of scarce parts for its companion video board.
] Jeff
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