From: Enrico Tedeschi <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 20:21:36 1998

I am much more bothered by conmans (read my other reply here). I collect for
the historical inportance and for the history of design of old electronics and
for what they meant in the lives of millions of persons. I don't even care if
something is working or not. It is going to end up behing glass anyway. I
can't possibly USE the more than 140 historical computer I have in my
collection and don't even switch them on. I don't collect them for making them
work but to display them and help to teach children and people about their
importance in the hsitory of humanity. The appearance is (nearly) everything
to me and so a mumeric keypad where it should not be is a GREAT bother to me.

But as I said before I am more upset by conmans and even more by conmans'
helpers. I would have thought that after I mentioned the problem I should have
had messages of simpathy not insults and offences. They don't hurt me alone
but they typify the senders and generally lower the tone and the style of this
(and other) mailing lists and newsgroups. I am surprised by these people
reactions and I only hope that there is a "silent majority" who does not speak
but disapproves them and this is the only reason that keeps me from leaving
conmans and their helpers to their destiny by leaving this list.



> BTW, Enrico, if you're so bothered about the presence or otherwise of the
> keypad, why aren't you also bothered about the version of the CPU board
> and the type of L1 ROMs fitted (IIRC, the technical manual mentions that
> several different makes of L1 ROMs were used). Some machines had 2 off 2K
> ROMs, some had a single 4K ROM, I think. Or do you only care about what
> your machines look like from the outside?
> > -Frank McConnell
> -tony

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