From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 22:38:47 1998

Enrico, I usually lurk and don't have much too say so I think that I
belong to the "silent majority", but you have been bitching about this
piddly assed trade for a year now.


Please "leave us to our destiny" and either shut up or get off the
damned list!


Enrico Tedeschi wrote:
> But as I said before I am more upset by conmans and even more by conmans'
> helpers. I would have thought that after I mentioned the problem I should have
> had messages of simpathy not insults and offences. They don't hurt me alone
> but they typify the senders and generally lower the tone and the style of this
> (and other) mailing lists and newsgroups. I am surprised by these people
> reactions and I only hope that there is a "silent majority" who does not speak
> but disapproves them and this is the only reason that keeps me from leaving
> conmans and their helpers to their destiny by leaving this list.
> Ciao
> enrico
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