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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 03:15:38 1998

Sam Ismail wrote:

> My suggestion is to do what I do: offer the scrapper some amount (say 10%)
> over scrap value. Don't let on to them that the machines may be worth
> something to a collector. That's irrelevant and only serves to hurt your
> chances of saving the good stuff from the melting pot. All they should
> know is that you will pay them some amount over scrap value to make it
> worth their while to deal with you. This is what I did with a local
> scrapper. I told him what my interest is in them and that I am interested
> in preserving them for historical purposes. When he asked what I would be
> willing to pay, I told him at least scrap value, or whatever will make it
> worth your while and gave him my card. He said he rarely if ever gets any
> computers but if he did he would call me.

That's how I found the Altair faceplate one day. I also reminded them of the labor
saved on their part by not having to pull them apart to separate the metals and
junk and have to find a dump for the unusable excesses. They seemed good with the
idea but also noted that I had to check once a week or whatever was set aside
would go to the great beyond....

I have yet to get anything from there yet, but will let everyone know when I get
someothing of value. I normally don't have the room for items that are
"conversation peices" only machines I can actually put to use in the personal
market. There's no way I could ahve a System 36 in my house!

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