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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 01:17:50 1998

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Bill Yakowenko wrote:
> But how do we discourage that from happening, while at the same time
> trying to divert machinery from the acid-bath? The only argument
> that recyclers seem likely to listen to is about making money. But
> each time that argument gets used, it nudges us toward the day when
> all of our old computers lie decaying in display cabinets of the
> affluent, rather than living and working happily in our own basements.

My suggestion is to do what I do: offer the scrapper some amount (say 10%)
over scrap value. Don't let on to them that the machines may be worth
something to a collector. That's irrelevant and only serves to hurt your
chances of saving the good stuff from the melting pot. All they should
know is that you will pay them some amount over scrap value to make it
worth their while to deal with you. This is what I did with a local
scrapper. I told him what my interest is in them and that I am interested
in preserving them for historical purposes. When he asked what I would be
willing to pay, I told him at least scrap value, or whatever will make it
worth your while and gave him my card. He said he rarely if ever gets any
computers but if he did he would call me.

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