From: Hotze <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 03:41:12 1998

>I am much more bothered by conmans (read my other reply here). I collect
>the historical inportance and for the history of design of old electronics
>for what they meant in the lives of millions of persons. I don't even care
>something is working or not. It is going to end up behing glass anyway. I
I find you sick. Very sick. Keep computers functional, working, cosmetics
should come second. I'm sure that we could find a TRS-80 model 1 CASE
somewhere for you.
>can't possibly USE the more than 140 historical computer I have in my
>collection and don't even switch them on. I don't collect them for making
>work but to display them and help to teach children and people about their
>importance in the hsitory of humanity. The appearance is (nearly)
>to me and so a mumeric keypad where it should not be is a GREAT bother to
So what the hell are you bitching about? You got what you asked for, and
now, it's not a great bother to you. So what the %$&( if it's got a
numeric keypad? It's not a GREAT bother to you, but you've been a GREAT
bother to Cord and everyone else on the list.
    Tim D. Hotze
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