Collecting Philosophy, was Re: Asshole

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Apr 12 11:25:54 1998

Enrico wrote:

> <snip> I collect for
> >the historical inportance and for the history of design of old
> electronics
> and
> >for what they meant in the lives of millions of persons. I don't even
> care
> if
> >something is working or not. It is going to end up behing glass anyway.

Hotze wrote:

> I find you sick. Very sick. Keep computers functional, working, cosmetics
> should come second. I'm sure that we could find a TRS-80 model 1 CASE
> somewhere for you.

Well, I collect for the same reasons as Enrico and my collection is
somewhere over 300 comupters. It would be wonderful to make sure they are
all working and use them on a regular basis but that is not even remotely
feasible to say the least. We all have different reasons for collecting and
mine are 1) to save them for their historical importance, 2) save them from
the scrap yard, and 3) have fun playing and repairing them as time permits
(not very often!)
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