5150 was Re: Asshole bites the dust

From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Sat Apr 11 20:24:35 1998

On 12 Apr 98 at 15:14, Tony Duell wrote:

> 'The first TRS80' is pretty ambiguous, you know. For example, what is
> 'the first IBM-PC' (even if we accept it's a 5150 of some kind)? Any 5-slot
> machine? A 5 slot machine with the 16K-64K system board (most had the
> later 64K-256K board in them). Can it have disk drives (remember, the
> original spec allowed a cassette-only machine). Does it have to have only
> IBM expansion cards? Only IBM expansion cards that were in production
> when the machine was made? Different people would answere those questions
> in different ways.
> -tony
 Did IBM ever really put out a cassette for the 5150's ? Knowing "Big Blue"
that must have been a very impressive and expensive tape-mchn. How was this
port accessed ? Does anyone know what " hacks" were done or possible on
this I/O ?

ciao larry
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