ESDI hard drives

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Apr 11 20:24:37 1998

On 12 Apr 98 at 12:57, Max Eskin wrote:

> Does anyone have an ESDI hard drive for a PS/2 Model 70? I have a
> 60, but want to replace it with a 120 (the other size the PS/2 came
> with; I don't want to risk having an incompatible hard drive). I
> don't know if others are compatible. However, this is a wide single
> ribbon connector.
 Many of the larger ESDI drives will work on your 8570.
 Check out the newsgroup. On it you will
find a lot of incredibly helpfull and knowledgeable PS/2 people not least of
whom is the amazing Peter Wendt whose PS/2 site is
 If he can't answer your questions nobody can.
 He also has a program on his site to sniff out your cards FRU #
and a list of the ADF needed for it. Another place is the PS/2 FAQ at (that could be without the www)

ciao larry
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