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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Apr 14 21:09:59 1998

On Apr 14, 23:07, Tony Duell wrote:

> Ouch!!!. Even my standard test for floor loading wouldn't have found that
> (= Jump up and down hard. If the floor doesn't give way, put the machine
> on it and jump up and down again. If it's still OK, it'll probably stay
> that way).

Jim now has the flooring from our Department's old machine room -- and now I
know why those floor panels are so heavy :-)

> > BTW, the little DX11-alike in the 11/73 was accompanied by a "Camtech
> > Ethernet QBus Interface".

> The only thing that reminds me of is the Camtech JNT PADs and iso-ether
> PADs used in UK universities as part of the JANET network. I've not got
> any, alas (I'd quite like one...), but I seem to remember that at least
> the JNT pads were Z-80 based and had a synchronous serial port connection
> to the outside world talking some kind of X25...

We had several, but they all got cannibalised. They were indeed Z80-based, and
had lots of SIOs, DARTs, and a few PIOs in them too. Neat cases as well.

> I have no idea what it talked instead of TCP/IP, but it'll probably be
> something that was common in the UK at the time. Any ideas? I can look
> back through PERQ and Torch XXX manuals to see if anything leaps out..

I've no idea. I imagined that Camtech made other ethernet stuff, and if they
could make such a good-looking QBus ethernet i/f I thought there must be more
around. I've never found any, though, nor have I ever found anyone who could
tell me much about long-gone Camtech (apart from JNT PADs).

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