The PC's Soviet?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 15 13:46:41 1998

Hotze wrote:

> OK... I was talking to a Ukranian programmer, who told me that in 1968 the
> PC was invented, not far from where he worked in Ukrane. Now, that's 4
> years before the microprocessor, but is it possible?

Yeah, that's why all the newest Soviet fighters and bombers used vacuum tubes
even into the early 1990's. I'm sure they invented this and the people in
Silicon Valley were industrial spies...Uh huh. Can you imagine what a vacuum
tube PC would look like? As it is the plant that cranked out most of the red
army's tubes is still in use as a commercial tube plant, named SovTek. They do
make a hell of a tube but I don't think it's of much use for a PC. Basides,
why would they have been so hung up to continually import technology from the
free world if they were already ahead of everyone. I don't think Boris and
Natasha were classic computer collectors for a hobby.

> And this guy might be dilusional, he's VERY communist, but then again,
> at base, so am I, but with a democratic twist. Anyway, what's the story
> behind this?

After 20 yrs in the USAF in tactical and nuclear missiles which included a
very close insight to the Soviets I'd say to just take it with a grain of salt
and let him have his little vision to make himself happy. He may have been hit
with this propaganda for so many years that he actually has it as fact in his
own mind. The Soviet idea until the fall of the USSR was if it fit into the
back of a duece and a half it was
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