The PC's Soviet?

From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Wed Apr 15 13:06:56 1998

> Hotze wrote:
> Yeah, that's why all the newest Soviet fighters and bombers
> used vacuum tubes
> even into the early 1990's. I'm sure they invented this and

Not so fast, there are very good reasons to use tubes instead of solid
state on certain types of military electronics. Look up "EMP" sometime.
This was a deliberate design decision on the part of soviet avionics
designers. They do have workable solid state devices. In fact, the
later Sukhoi and MiG models had very sophisticated interlocking radars
at the squadron level, a capability US forces do not have. Yes, overall
the US made much better avionics and electronics in general, but when it
was important enough the soviets could produce very good military
equipment. Off topic, but I much prefer Russian assault rifles to US
ones. I keep an AK47 at home, I would not trust an M16. I wouldn't
care to run a business with a Russian built computer though...
        Jack Peacock
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