FW: Anyone want to trade with this fellow?

From: kyrrin_at_jps.net <(kyrrin_at_jps.net)>
Date: Wed Apr 15 19:16:27 1998

        Found on Usenet. If you want to do some trading, contact him directly.

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Subject: Anyone trade sun->vax stuff?
Date: 15 Apr 1998 04:03:42 GMT
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Hi again, all...

Well, after some four years of absence, my curiousity has again
been piqued. After having to divest myself of my collection of VAX
hardware in my move to the west coast, I find myself interested to
find a microvax or vaxstation again. Even (gasp) a VAXstation 2000, if
nothing else. I have a bunch of Sun 3/60s, and even a an IPC, and
possibly an HP 9000/400 that I'd be willing to part with, if anyone
might be interested. Or I can always go with cash, for those less-
enterprising types. :)

I live in Portland, now, and will pick up anything in the portland/seattle
areas. I also remember how cheap VAXstation 2000s were four years ago,
and I would suspect they aren't old enough to be collectible quite yet. :)
I'd be more interested in something like a vs3x00 or some such.

  -- Patrick

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