HP thinkjet printer HP2225P

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_uswest.net>
Date: Thu Apr 16 22:29:56 1998

>I've got an HP thinkjet printer here, model 2225P. It's a
>battery-operated unit with a parallel interface.
It's not parallel, it's HP-IB(HP's version of GP-IB, identical AFAIK). I
never heard of the P model, I though there was just A, B, C and D. No, I
don't remember which one is which. It came in HP-IL, HP-IB, parallel and
serial interface versions. I have the HP-IL version(and a cute litte HP-IL
to HP-IB adaptor), although it is not in use right now(no way to power it
and no drivers for my P-IB card).

>The battery pack has a 2-pin plug on the back, which looks as though it
>connects to the standard HP 8V 3W charger. Is that right? I've got those
>by the dozen...
Yep, I think so. I'm not sure, since I don't have one of those. A printer
with no power supply... I am told that it uses 8V AC.

>The parallel interface is a DA15-S connector. Does anyone know the
>pinout. I'm pretty sure (from looking inside) that it's TTL level and a
>subset of a centronics port.
It's an HP-IB connector. Cables can be kinda expensive, but I see them at
hamfests sometimes.

>And what do the DIP switches above the parallel interface do?
Sets the HP-IB address.

>I've got the user manual for the GPIB version - are the escape sequences
>the same?
It IS HP-IB, as mentioned above... So yes.
Of course, I COULD be COMPLETELY wrong on everything I just said...

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