How Do You Program Nintendo Games?

From: Greg Troutman <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 08:57:45 1998

Hotze wrote:
> Well? How DO you program Nintendo games. Do you need to compile? Or is it
> more like BASIC? Is it done in any specific language?

You program it in assembly language. It has a 6502 and some specialty
video and i/o stuff on board. There are NES programming pages around,
with all kinds of specs and sample code and such, if you want to get it
into it seriously. Most people today, use an emulator to test out the
basic functioning of their code, then, when they're serious about it,
build a RAM cartridge that takes a download from a serial port and
emulates EPROM, in order to test it on a real system. I'm not sure what
the official developer's kit was like, but I'd guess it included similar
hardware. Others have already built stuff like this and there is data
out there if you go looking for it.

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