Warez?? Was: Re: James Willings still up?

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_uswest.net>
Date: Fri Apr 17 12:28:58 1998

>Warez (pronounced "war-ehs" is an infamous village in southern Mexico that
>was once a training camp for CIA counter-insurgency computer terrorism
>recruits. Furnished with the highest end computer hacking equipment by the
>US Government, under the direction of Oliver North, they went rogue when the
>program was discontinued during the Iran-Contra scandal. After their
>payroll was cut, the village, ironically, hired itself out to international
>terrorist concerns to perform paid attacks on US commerce. This situation
>was exacerbated by an abortive attempt to invade Warez by Puerto Rican
>commandos under the direction of the US military in 1997. This has since
>been known as the "Bay of Warez" disaster.
Well, that is VERY interesting! You hear something new every day... Well,
my answer is that warez is a stupid name made up by a bunch of 12 year olds
that trade software all day long(or whenever else they have a computer and
net access in front of them). I'm not going to get started with the rest of
the inevitable discussion...
But to get back to computers, I'm about to go grab about 10 old Wyse
terminals. Whhee!! I'm thinking of using it for packet radio, among other
things. I'll keep two of them, one is going to a ham friend, and the rest
will probably go to one of the local ham clubs. Amateur radio is NOT dead!
Just a little quiet... Another discussion I don't really want to start,
since it has been going on ever since ham radio began. See
rec.radio.amateur.policy if you want to get into that thread...

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