Warez?? Was: Re: James Willings still up?

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Fri Apr 17 13:39:25 1998

John Rollins wrote:

> >Warez (pronounced "war-ehs" is an infamous village in southern Mexico that
> >was once a training camp for CIA counter-insurgency computer terrorism
> >recruits. Furnished with the highest end computer hacking equipment by the
> >US Government, under the direction of Oliver North, they went rogue when the
> >program was discontinued during the Iran-Contra scandal. After their
> >payroll was cut, the village, ironically, hired itself out to international
> >terrorist concerns to perform paid attacks on US commerce. This situation
> >was exacerbated by an abortive attempt to invade Warez by Puerto Rican
> >commandos under the direction of the US military in 1997. This has since
> >been known as the "Bay of Warez" disaster.
> Well, that is VERY interesting! You hear something new every day... Well,
> my answer is that warez is a stupid name made up by a bunch of 12 year olds
> that trade software all day long(or whenever else they have a computer and
> net access in front of them). I'm not going to get started with the rest of
> the inevitable discussion...

This is exactly right. Anything in the kiddie world of pirated software that's
plural is spelled with a z instead of an s. Filez, Warez, Bombz, Serialz,
Piratez, etc are all terms that refer to this type of activity. Believe it or not
it's actually computer related.
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