How Do You Program Nintendo Games?

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 13:07:08 1998

Tim D. Hotze said:
>Well? How DO you program Nintendo games. Do you need to compile?
>Or is it more like BASIC? Is it done in any specific language?
> Just asking...

 The NES (unless I still half asleep) executes 6502 code. The Super NES
is 65816. I think the GameBoy is Z80 (I've never programmed on it).
And the N64 uses a 4000 series MIPS processor (4300 or 4400 I'm not
sure)(I've never programmed it either).
 You could write code in 'C' if you have a cross compiler. On the N64, I'll bet
that most of the programming is done in 'C' (maybe 99%) because there you are
using Libraries that handle all of the low level stuff.

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