Warez?? Was: Re: James Willings still up?

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Date: Fri Apr 17 13:18:14 1998

Kai Kaltenbach wrote:

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> > Forgive me for not knowing what _might_ be common knowledge amongst some
> > folks here, but what is this "warez" thing??
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> Warez (pronounced "war-ehs" is an infamous village in southern Mexico that
> was once a training camp for CIA counter-insurgency computer terrorism
> recruits. Furnished with the highest end computer hacking equipment by the
> US Government, under the direction of Oliver North, they went rogue when the
> program was discontinued during the Iran-Contra scandal. After their
> payroll was cut, the village, ironically, hired itself out to international
> terrorist concerns to perform paid attacks on US commerce. This situation
> was exacerbated by an abortive attempt to invade Warez by Puerto Rican
> commandos under the direction of the US military in 1997. This has since
> been known as the "Bay of Warez" disaster.
> Kai

While the above is very true, I have come to know the term Warez as being
pirated-commercial software. Today, there is a large group of folks, especially
on the internet, that deal in "Warez". You know, short for "softwares." Meaning,
they have a web site up, and there you can illegally download all your favorite
"Warez". Oh, I am pronouncing it "Where's".... generally, these Warez are
modern, commercially marketed software packages, games, etc. Another term that
is widely used for those that are pirating this stuff, at least used by those of
us not 'into' that 'market', is "Warez-lamers."

I guess, that could just be an interpretation. However, I do know someone that
is heavily into that type of thing and he also prounces "Warez" as "Where's" --
short for softwares.

My $.02 or maybe $.00000000000000002


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