Wang Computer

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Apr 16 16:24:34 1998

 My most recent discard find is a Wang PC-S3-2 . It had had 2 winchester
disks removed before being thrown out, but otherwise seems intact. No
KB , monitor , or FDD's of course. From what I've been able to find on the
net ( Wang CUG) it's an early "Classic PC" but this predates their oldest
listed model specs. There seems to be many more sites on the CPM models
but not on Wang PC's.
 The full-size motherboard has Z-80 and 8086 chips and 2 20 pinM ribbon
connecters below two cutouts leading to the HD enclosure ,a centronics
parallell printer, 25 pin serial, and KB ports on the rear. It has 5 half-size
expansion slots .all occupied. One card is labelled PM 101 IBM Mono emulation
and has 2 rear sockets. One is a regular 5pin kb socket and the other an 8pin
din which I imagine is the monitor port. Strangely enough the same din as my
Epson KB. This board is coupled with another by a 10 line ribbon cable. On
either side of these are 2 cards that look identical the bottom-most labelled
PM 021 / 022B Winchester Controller. Both have 20 pin and 10 pin male
ribbon connectors. The top-most card looks like a memory card and has a LED.
It's somewhat sparsely populated with mcm 6665 (motorola mem ?) and low-powered
schotsky chips but traces for many more sockets.
 Seems pretty straight forward if it wasn't for the extra 20 pin connectors on
the HD controller cards. Fdd connectors ? My lack of technical knowledge is
showing. Maybe because of the company I'm keeping on this techno-whiz m-list.
It's intimidating. :^)
I believe Wang had it's own proprietory system and I did d-l a set-up from the
Wang CUG site but info on this beast seems scarce, tho IIRC they were widely
used in business operations. Anyone ??

ciao larry
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