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Date: Thu Apr 16 16:24:36 1998

On 15 Apr 98 at 1:05, Tony Duell wrote:

> [IBM 5150 cassette port]
> > I was thinking along the lines of an audio interface of some kind. From the
> > above it seems possible, hooked to a synth, unless speed would be a problem.
> Well, audio output (single voice) would be trivial. After all, it was the
> same signal that drove the speaker (well, there was an extra gate in the
> speaker path).
> Other than that, it probably wouldn't be that useful...
> I wonder how hard it would be to convince the original IBM Async card's
> current loop interface to talk to a MIDI device... _Might_ need a change
> of Xtal or a strangely wired jumper. I will look at the schematics
> sometime...
> Did any of the clones of the Async card have the current loop interface?
> For that matter, did anyone ever use it for anything?
> -tony
 When it comes to the asynch / synch interfacing I'm out of my depth. It's
something I've been going to study up on tho. I've had an old Phillips Micom
WP for some time which apparently was capable of communication protcols
interfacing and I've wanted to retrieve some data on it , altho now I might be
able to pull it off the 8'' disks with the TRS mod ll . Another project in
waiting : ^ )).
 In exploring the programs on the 5150's Hard-card I found two small programs
from the same company (PLUS) that made the hardcard. One was light.com and the
other sound.com parameters were light= on/ off , and sound = on / off . Since
the h-c itself had no external connectors, I'm wondering whether these are for
the cassette port. This 5150 was also configured for 2 serial and 2 parallel
which would square with the serial / para on the int.modem and the printer port
on the Herc. leaving one serial unaccounted for. The only other connector is
the f 37 pin ext. on the fdd controller card. ( for an external drive ? ) QUE's
Upgrading and Repairing P.C.'s v.5 (BTW an excellent book with the most
extensive info on PS2 s I've seen -V.5 only) doesn't mention this port tho it
has a lot of detail on the 5150 and adapter cards.

ciao larry

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