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At 09:24 PM 4/16/98 +0000, you wrote:
>On 15 Apr 98 at 1:05, Tony Duell wrote:
>> Did any of the clones of the Async card have the current loop interface?
>> For that matter, did anyone ever use it for anything?
>> -tony

The IBM Displaywriter PC Attach Convenience Kit (for document transfer
between PC or PCjr and Displaywriter word processor) included a serial
cable with a standard RS-232 connector to the PC async (actually has the
PCjr-style connector with an adapter for use with the PC) and a big fat
connector on the Displaywriter end, that actually includes a mini async
card inside. The manual for the PCACK warns that the IBM Async adapter with
current loopback mode enabled is required to make it work right. I didn't
think the PCjr supported loopback though. It's been some time since I used
the cable to transfer documents and I haven't seen the dox in years.

> In exploring the programs on the 5150's Hard-card I found two small programs
>from the same company (PLUS) that made the hardcard. One was light.com
and the
>other sound.com parameters were light= on/ off , and sound = on / off .
>the h-c itself had no external connectors, I'm wondering whether these are
>the cassette port.

I think light was used to simulate a drive access LED on the display.

>This 5150 was also configured for 2 serial and 2 parallel
>which would square with the serial / para on the int.modem and the printer
>on the Herc. leaving one serial unaccounted for. The only other connector is
>the f 37 pin ext. on the fdd controller card. ( for an external drive ? )

Exactly, external 360K.

>Upgrading and Repairing P.C.'s v.5 (BTW an excellent book with the most
>extensive info on PS2 s I've seen -V.5 only) doesn't mention this port tho
>has a lot of detail on the 5150 and adapter cards.

We use the Mueller books here quite a lot--we stopped buying them after 4
ed. when he dropped the IBM PS lines from the specs section--oddly enough,
the Family Ones (PC, XT, AT, etc.) are still covered in the latest (8?). 3
and 4 both have sections that show the different connector types one is
likely to encounter, and the 37-pin external floppy port is listed there.
He probably dropped it from the later editions to save space.

>ciao larry

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