PS/2 SCSI question

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Apr 19 14:06:42 1998

I found a place in NY called Aries that has the cables at nearly IBM's pricing but they
do have them. The mini-Centronics 60 is also called an RS-6000 connector from what I've
gathered on this and another site in Germany.

That Aries Direct site is located at

David Wollmann wrote:

> That's a Centronics Micro. I have a Asus SC875 (NCR) host adapter that uses
> the same connector (great adapter for Linux, BTW.) I got my cable (Cent.
> Micro to Cent. Std.) from Datalink, right here in Tulsa. They recently
> moved and I don't have the new #, just dial (918) 555-1212 for Tulsa
> directory assistance. We've used these guys for years--they do a lot of
> "custom" cables, including the IBM PCjr keyboard and serial adapter cables.
> If you can describe the connectors, cable and pinouts, they can build it
> for you.

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