MIT flea

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sun Apr 19 16:13:08 1998

This is the first time I've been to an electronics flea market, so I
don't know how it was, but I was disappointed. I came late, and about
1/2 the stuff was oscilloscopes, another 1/4 was Mac CPUs, and an
8th was PC network cards. Everything was priced at or above market
value (almost). I will still go next time, though.

There were a bunch of "IBM RT" units. These were enormous PS/2 like
things. What were they?

I could have gotten a Zenith XT laptop for $10, but I opted for a
free Data General One being used as a wheelchock. It's in good
condition, but the LCD is smashed. I think I will hang it on the wall.
Does anyone have any ideas what I should do with the rest of the
machine? Does anyone have replacement LCDs?
PS. I would have gotten a shrinkwrapped copy of MacOS 6.0.7 and A/UX,
but the guy changed his mind about selling it.

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