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From: Nick Amato <>
Date: Mon Apr 20 08:03:13 1998

On Sun, Apr 19, 1998 at 02:13:08PM -0700, Max Eskin wrote:
> There were a bunch of "IBM RT" units. These were enormous PS/2 like
> things. What were they?

RTs are EAPC RISC (6.0 MHz) based machines that have 68881 FPUs. Their
greatest moment was when they were used as nodal switching stations
on the NSFnet backbone.

They run either AIX or AOS (the latter is 4.3 BSD and comparatively

Usually you find them with around 12 MB RAM, a 70 MB ESDI disk
and controller, either a token-ring card or an Ungermann-Bass
ethernet card. And, a display adaptor, if you're lucky. :)

IMHO, not worth picking up unless free. They are very common,
extremely heavy for their size, and either OS has serious problems.

There is a FAQ still around (

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