Schematics sites?

From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Wed Apr 22 08:25:26 1998

>> No.

the simple answers are always the best :)
>> There is the problem of copyrights and permission. Not as easy as you'd
>> think as the copyright live past the companies demise so you have to
>> track where or who still holds it.

I think roms/disks for some machines are no longer copyrighted though,
no? (or at least freely distributable) - I think Acron's BBC machines
fall under this category. There seemed to be a lot of people a few years
back who took to putting rom/disk images up on public sites until
somebody complained - presumably there's been a crackdown on that sort
of thing recently though...

(always seems a pity that the information is out there... somewhere...
but almost impossible to get to!!)



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