The PC's Soviet?

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Wed Apr 22 09:36:40 1998

> There were all kinds of small Apple cloners around, with various Apple
> variety and fruit names ("Granny Smith", "McIntosh", "Pear", etc.). The
> only obvious differences between most of these machines and an actual
> Apple ][+ was the lack of the Apple logo, and usually the presence of
> lower case display (though not necessarily the shift-key mod, which my
> machine lacks). Some had additional stuff, though, like function keys and
> slightly differently shaped cases. Or maybe a different colour of
> plastic.

I fondly remember an issue of BYTE from long ago, that was the April
1st edition, that had a phoney advertisement in it for a 'Lemon
Computer' that looked suspiciously like an Apple ][ (with a rather
distressed and dissheveled user scratching his head . .).

This was long before BYTE became "The World's Computing Authority".
Back then, it still had a sense of humour.

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