More RSX weirdness...

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 07:52:31 1998

Last night I stared at the halted 83 for a while.
   RSX-11M V4.1 BL35C 256.K MAPPED
SAV -- Cannot find home block

Then it smacked me like a ton of bricks: The high 4K of a PDP-11 is I/O space!
I had 252K or RAM! So, I rebuilt RSX11M.SYS that way. It worked.
I was able to hardware-boot the RL02.
So, I reinstalled my RQDX3, loaded RT-11, said COPY DL0:/device RSX11M.DSK/file
to make an image, Kermitted it to the PC (2:30 transfer time!) and loaded it
into the emulator. Now, with the Supnik emulator set for 2M or RAM (Just like
the 83...), I'm staring at the same screen, while booting. SAV can't find
the home block. Same thing for E-11. But everything works just fine from
the hardware. Oh, and it says most of the TTs and the DU don't exist while
booting. Which makes sense, they don't...
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