Another RSX good one,,,

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 08:08:00 1998

On Apr 22, 19:50, Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:
> Subject: Another RSX good one,,,
> OK, Now I can make myself an rsx11m.sys, VMR is, BOOt it, but when I
> SAV, it runs for awhile, types "CAN'T FIND HOME BLOCK", and halts.

Hmmmm... What are you trying to SAV this onto? The message means just
what it says. Sounds like you have an unformatted disk, or a disk error,
which might be due to corruption, or a hardware fault, or the disk isn't
online and writable, or you mistyped the disk specifier. What was the
prompt you got just before you typed SAV?

> It also complains about having to reduce partitions to the soze of the
> common area (?),

"VMR -- Partition reduced to executive common size", yes? This is just
for information. It's telling you that VMR has just installed an
executive common block in the appropriate partition, and eliminated some
unused space at the top of the partition. Executive is RSX-speak for
what unix buffs call the kernel, and what some other OSs refer to as the
monitor. A common block is a shared area, ie one that's not duplicated
for multiple instantiations of <whatever>.

> and the TT: driver is bigger than 4K.

That's just informative, not normally a problem. The RSX TT: driver is
quite big if it has many options enabled, and this is a common message.

> What've I done? I just switched DY and DL in the sysvmr.cmd file,
> and removed DU (The driver is corrupted...)
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