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From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 22:56:00 1998

> From: Julian Richardson <>
> Subject: Schematics sites?
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> Hi all,
> are there any good sites out there containing collections of schematics
> for old machines? I occasionally come across sites with a few schematics
> / info for specific machines, but has anyone collected stuff together
> for several different machines into one place?

There is a growing one for Commodre 8-bit aficionados at:

This FTP site has various shematics ROM Images, etc.

Copyrights seem to be a mute issue for the 8-bits, as no one seems to really
know who holds the Copyrights on the 8-bit Commodores (Escom?, Tulip?,
Visicorp?, Gateway 2000?, the former MOS Technologies?) It is a popular
thread on comp.sys.cbm.

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