Commodore Monitors

From: Larry Anderson <>
Date: Thu Apr 23 22:43:06 1998

On Commodore Monitors for C128D.

  If you can find one you would want to get a Commodore 1902/a, 1084, or 2002.
 They support the RGBI (80 column video) as well as the split-composite (40
column video) the 128 produces. Magnavox produced much of the 1084 line and
had a Magnavox model available (something like professional 80 column monitor,
the front panel on mine is missing so I don't have the name). Regardless If
you want to use both 40 and 80 column video, best to get one of the
multi-function monitors, else you will need an RGBI and a composite montor
(which by the way the C= 128 can display to both simultaneously as they are
different video controllers at work.)

On CP/M 3.0+.

  Really nice version; can read a variety of popular CP/M disk formats using
the 1571 disk drive. If you plan to use 3.5" disks I guggest you look for a
later version the the versoion supplied with the 128D, there are no support
drivers for the 1581 (can't boot of of it etc.)

Also "GO 64" gets you only to the Commodore 64 mode. you either place your
CP/M disk in the drive before power-up or after power-up type "BOOT" in 128
mode to boot the operating system disk. (note make sure the 40/80 column key
is down on power-up to ensure the 128 starts up in 80 column mode. :)

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