Here's an interesting spam

From: Hotze <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 07:38:39 1998

>> <I received the same spam. And I did not know that this list was
>> <being archived (other than by interested members).
>> Ah foo! Everytime I think I've plugged the source for spam I find
>> something like this.
>> Any suggestions on how to stop it?
>I include a little bit of junk in my "From: " lines when I post to usenet
>from this account, and it seems to work. All the spam I get goes to an
>account I rarely use now, and it's tailing off. I didn't used to mung the
>address I use for this list, but perhaps I better start. Oh, spit, as they

This is very off topic, but anyway: Write a letter to the government. Reply
to the spammers, say that you don't care about the shit that they're sending
you, you're not reading it, and you think that they're very disreputable and
that it's a wrong way of doing business. 2) Get a free e-mail account, such
as , or a free one that you
can get with a web site, from a business or ISP, etc. or Yahoo! or the like.
Us that for Usenet, and if you get a private message there, talk to 'em that
>Pete Peter Turnbull
> Dept. of Computer Science
> University of York

Tim D. Hotze
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