Commodore Monitors

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 08:55:39 1998

Larry Anderson wrote:

> On Commodore Monitors for C128D.
> If you can find one you would want to get a Commodore 1902/a, 1084, or 2002.
> They support the RGBI (80 column video) as well as the split-composite (40
> column video) the 128 produces. Magnavox produced much of the 1084 line and
> had a Magnavox model available (something like professional 80 column monitor,
> the front panel on mine is missing so I don't have the name).

Magnavox CM8562. It's essentially the 1084 without the Commie overprint. They are
great for having around for vcr and camcorder testing and alignment as well. I
have an 8562 with cbales and manual but I also have a 1084 that I need to recreate
the power supply PC board (it's cracked big time) and I need a copy of the manual
for the 1084 if someone has one they could photocopy for reimbursment of copy and

> On CP/M 3.0+.
> Really nice version; can read a variety of popular CP/M disk formats using
> the 1571 disk drive. If you plan to use 3.5" disks I guggest you look for a
> later version the the versoion supplied with the 128D, there are no support
> drivers for the 1581 (can't boot of of it etc.)

Anyone have a 3.5" drive and later CP/M they want to sell or trade? I have both a
128 and 128D (<- like this better) and could really use one. I have a bunch of
3.5" floppies from an old Epson PX that I'd love to get back into.

> Also "GO 64" gets you only to the Commodore 64 mode. you either place your
> CP/M disk in the drive before power-up or after power-up type "BOOT" in 128
> mode to boot the operating system disk. (note make sure the 40/80 column key
> is down on power-up to ensure the 128 starts up in 80 column mode. :)

The "GO 64" reference was to tell him that he could run the 64 programs on the

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