Year 2000 Bounty

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 22:59:55 1998

Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

> Max Eskin wrote:
> > In general, I would say that the amount of old machines is greater
> > than a given reasonable estimate (ie there's always one more).
> > Also, I'm wondering how many simple cash registers will have to be
> > taken out of service.
> The _simple_ cash registers will keep plugging along doing what they
> do best. As far as I can tell, they're not particularly sensitive
> to what century they're in. The complex fancy new-fangled registers
> are a whole nother story -- anybody know what types of systems are
> most used at the other end of the cables attached to the laser
> bar-code readers? Not an industry I've dealt with much except as a
> consumer. (I know damned well there are a few NCR registers still
> in service from the 19th century -- they should make the transition
> to the 21st without a hickup.)

I just cleaned and overhauled a register that my grandfather used in his
shop from 1925 through 1987 when he died (retired I guess too) and it
hasn't a problem with what year it is since that's not even on there.
Pricing is all there is, like a 3 ton printing calculator. The puppy has
sides made of solid brass that are 3/8" thick and a base of iron 1"
thick. Anyone ever see a store video where a robber grabs one of those
and runs? Not likely.

I also worked over a Sharp countertop electronic register for a customer
- completely standalone machine. The date is inthe format of a two digit
year that can go from 00-99 so it won't be a problem either.

I was messing with a clone XT the other day and was curious about this.
I reset the date to 01-01-2000 and it was ok with it. The bios was an
AMD and it was dated 1984.
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