Year 2000 Bounty

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 22:38:24 1998

>I just cleaned and overhauled a register that my grandfather used in his
>shop from 1925 through 1987 when he died (retired I guess too) and it
>hasn't a problem with what year it is since that's not even on there.
>Pricing is all there is, like a 3 ton printing calculator. The puppy has
>sides made of solid brass that are 3/8" thick and a base of iron 1"
Cool! There seem to be a lot of those nice old registers around, too... Or
maybe they just end up in use more than other old objects(or at least used
in the open... Or whatever.).
>Anyone ever see a store video where a robber grabs one of those
>and runs? Not likely.
ROTFLOL! You never know... Stupider(??? Doesn't look right, but I can't
think of anything else) things have happened... i remember seeing a video
on TV of some guys trying to take out a large safe by dragging it out with
a car... Or maybe it was an ATM. Or maybe it happens a lot and was both...
Speaking of cash registers, I see some that I would love to get my hands
on... And the scary part is that I just want the case! OK, I'll probably
use the display, too.. But those keyboards would probably go. What I want
to do is either put a laptop into one, put a packet terminal into it, or
maybe both(easy enough... with the laptop you can do packet and use the
computer!). Oh yeah, don't forget to put a radio in there! Or at least
connections for an external radio...

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