Friday, friday friday friday, friday...

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Mon Apr 27 07:44:00 1998

I'll be having fun friday...
I get to go argue with a professional junk guy over a KS-10. The company that
owns it wanted it melted down, to protect some confidential data they had on it.
SO, I'm gonna say "None of your data is on the CPU, just the disk packs,
so he can have the packs. There." The drives are 2 RP06es. (Yes, I know I
need 3-phase. Mark says he knows where to get an RM80 or two. Is there
any way around having to have 3-phase for the RPs? I was told they fail every
other 10 minutes, is it even worth it?) It did run TOPS-20, but I'm chasing
after ITS tapes for it. Even if I don't end up getting it, I may get the CPU
cards and backpanels, and then I know someone who has the rest of a KS.
Failing that, if the junk guy gets everything, I know someone else who has
a whole KS, but no operating system. So, one way or another, we're gonna get
a running ITS installation out of this...

Am I supposed to be this nervous?
I've never had to actually argue with a junk guy over a machine, in front of
a buncha suits... (Division heads or something. The actual company is QUITE
large... *hint* *hint*...)
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