Friday, friday friday friday, friday...

From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <>
Date: Mon Apr 27 10:44:38 1998

> I'll be having fun friday...
> I get to go argue with a professional junk guy over a KS-10. The company that
> owns it wanted it melted down, to protect some confidential data they had on it.
> SO, I'm gonna say "None of your data is on the CPU, just the disk packs,
> so he can have the packs. There." The drives are 2 RP06es. (Yes, I know I
> need 3-phase. Mark says he knows where to get an RM80 or two. Is there
> any way around having to have 3-phase for the RPs?

My memory may be off -- but:
RP06's don't use really 3 phases -- just two for the motor.
You could probably get them to work on 220.
They're pretty good. I wouldn't touch RP04's with a phone pole.

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