Info/docs on tube tester?

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Mon Apr 27 10:46:07 1998

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, Christian Fandt wrote:

> also usually referred to as boatanchors. The 704 I lusted after at the
> Deutsches Museum in Munich a couple of years ago could certainly anchor a
> boat not to mention sink it ;) It sat not too far from a Cray-1, IBM 360
> console, a Boroughs of some sort (IIRC) plus other big iron and examples
> of Konrad Zuse's Z-series from the mid-to-late 40's. Travelers/ Europeans:
> you gotta see this if you possibly can!

I have a few photos of questionable quality and poor detail from this
section of the museum. At the time I was there, though, I was more
interested in the musical instruments and wasted a good 18 to 24 exposures

If I ever get down to th ebottom of the pile and find I've still got two
hands and some vestigal eyes, I'll scan the attmittedly unremarkable
photos I took while I was there. I took them before I was into classic
computers and they were taken more because I felt some sort of obligation
and thus have long since forgotten what most of the pictures are of. I'm
sure most of you will be able to recognize them straight away, though. (:

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