MCA card

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Tue Apr 28 00:51:26 1998

"Max Eskin" <> wrote:
> Today, I received the MCA network card Russ Blakeman sent me.
> Unfortunately, it is called a "3270". I am afraid that it's not a
> real net card, but a 3270 emulator.It has a BNC connector on the
> back. The driver is called "3270 Driver Revision B".
> Can I use this thing with ethernet?

Yes, for certain sorts of useful. You plug the BNC T onto the back of
the card, and it stops all communication on that thin-net segment. At
least that's my experience with such devices. (They told me it was an
Ethernet card. I didn't believe them but they insisted, so I shrugged
and plugged the cable in. It took about five minutes for the
folks hollering from the other lab room to find me.)

If you want an MCA Ethernet card, look for one with both a BNC
connector and a 15-pin D (AUI) connector. Maybe an RJ45 too but
I don't recall seeing many MCA cards that had all three connectors.

-Frank McConnell
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