MCA card

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 28 02:03:18 1998

Frank McConnell wrote:

> "Max Eskin" <> wrote:
> > Today, I received the MCA network card Russ Blakeman sent me.
> > Unfortunately, it is called a "3270". I am afraid that it's not a
> > real net card, but a 3270 emulator.It has a BNC connector on the
> > back. The driver is called "3270 Driver Revision B".
> > Can I use this thing with ethernet?
> Yes, for certain sorts of useful. You plug the BNC T onto the back of
> the card, and it stops all communication on that thin-net segment. At
> least that's my experience with such devices. (They told me it was an
> Ethernet card. I didn't believe them but they insisted, so I shrugged
> and plugged the cable in. It took about five minutes for the
> folks hollering from the other lab room to find me.)
> If you want an MCA Ethernet card, look for one with both a BNC
> connector and a 15-pin D (AUI) connector. Maybe an RJ45 too but
> I don't recall seeing many MCA cards that had all three connectors.

I think I have a few like you describe with the 15 and bnc. I'll have to
check. Know anythink of a DCA Link card and it's use? I have no idea on
this one and I'd like to know what it's useful for.
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