Anyone have a laptop they could sell me?

From: Hotze <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 08:25:43 1998

OK.. Manney has one, but hasn't gotten back to me on it yet. So anyway,
here's the deal: I'm moving this summer, and so I need to stay online.
(Yes, NEED, as I'm a panel member for , so I NEED
to stay connected.)
    So anyway, what I need is a laptop, or a hand held, that has TCP/IP
stacks and a graphical interface for it (so that could be a 386 or later, or
a newton, Mac, or anything else...)
    Oh, and this is intended to be a REALLY low cost thingy...

Tim D. Hotze
Received on Wed Apr 29 1998 - 08:25:43 BST

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