XT Power Supply help...

From: Julian Richardson <JRichardson_at_softwright.co.uk>
Date: Wed Apr 29 08:39:08 1998

>> Hi. After getting a new M Board for my XT and a load of cards, I found
>> my Power Supply's now completely dead. So, where to I start? No fan,
>> a turn or two, I know that the power connections good.

Could you simply be overloading it? Seem to remember original IBM XT
supplies do this when there's too much load on the system - does the
supply seem to work without anything connected to it? The fan should at
least spin then...

It's equally likely that one of the cards you've got, or the motherboard
itself is faulty in some way and is causing the supply to shut down. If
you've got a voltmeter try checking the output voltages.

Final possibility: did XT supplies have a "power good" reference line
that the motherboard tied to +12V to signal that everything was Ok?
Can't remember if this was only AT systems that provided this. If they
did it may be that your new board doesn't provide it but the power
supply expects it to (wait for someone else's words of wisdom I guess,
been a while since I've fiddled with these things - if that is the cause
though you should be able to simply tie the line to +12V and then
everything should work... :)


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