Tony Cole's Cray-1

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Date: Wed Apr 29 12:26:07 1998

William Donzelli:

> I do not think the Cray-1s used 10K ECL - I believe they were custom parts
> and were faster (10K gates have a delay around 2 nS). Only four types of
> chips were used in the whole beast - I think two were OR/NOR gates, one
> was a flip-flop, and the other RAM.

It is some years since I looked at the Cray 1 in the Deutches Museum in
Muenchen (Munich), but I distinctly recall seeing lots of 10xxx chips in
it. I remember I had just been given a board from the CPU of a Cyber
two-hunderd-and-something (?) that had been thrown out by Muenchen
Technical University a few months earlier, and this board has lots of
100xxx chips on it.

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