Tony Cole's Cray-1

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Date: Wed Apr 29 12:30:59 1998


> Is the reason those old radio/phonograph boxes are not being thrown
> away is that noone notice the cover and thinks it's just a pretty
> dresser w/o drawers :)? Also hideaway sewing machines.

:-) I doubt it...

The real crime is those who buy sewing machines with pedestals and
treadles, throw away the sewing machine and turn the pedestal into an
olde worlde iron framed coffee table. I am told by a friend in the
trade that this is v. common.

> Of course, the System/36 (I think, maybe not) was built into a desk.

There was a system/36 that was the size of a desk pedestal but I never
saw that particular variant. The system/32 (and possibly the s/38?) had
a desk built into _it_...

> And then there were the teletypes (are the ones that are mostly used
> as examples of teletypes ASR-33?), printers, etc.


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