First speaker announced for VCF2

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Date: Wed Apr 29 12:41:20 1998

This is really for Sam, but I think it's worth posting to the list.

> The first speaker has been confirmed for VCF2 this September.

Does this mean you have firm dates yet? I'd like to book flights, time
off work, etc. as soon as I can...

> David Rutland was an engineer on a lesser known but very significant
> computer dedicated in 1950 called the SWAC (National Bureau of Standards
> Western Automatic Computer).

Sounds fun!

It occurs to me that I gave a small talk on the Tek 4050 series last
autumn (fall). I'd like to come to the VCF, and I could probably bring
my 4052 and some demo programs, and give an adapted version of the talk
(either in a scheduled slot or probably more suitably on a demo stand
with the machine).

Finally, Sam, could you put me on the VCF mailing list, please. I tried
to subscribe from the web page but we've just migrated to Lusedoze Not
Tolerable and Internut Exploder, with the result that I couldn't get it
to work...


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