First speaker announced for VCF2

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 14:36:40 1998

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998 wrote:

> This is really for Sam, but I think it's worth posting to the list.
> > The first speaker has been confirmed for VCF2 this September.
> Does this mean you have firm dates yet? I'd like to book flights, time
> off work, etc. as soon as I can...

I'll post this reply publicly for everyone's edification.

I'm sorry if the web page is vague about the date (it is), but there is
not a firm date yet. So far the show will most likely fall somewhere
inside September. The venue that I'm currently negotiating with (The
Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA) has the dates of
September 25-27 set aside for me should I decide to stage it there. I'd
really like to as it is a nice facility and is right in the middle of the
Silicon Valley which is good for all sorts of reasons, but the price is a
lot higher than last year's venue (by about twice as much). But I should
have a firm date hopefully within 4 weeks. I realize people need to make
reservations and the earlier the better, but know that I am working hard
to secure a venue as quickly as possible.

At this point there is a good chance that I will choose the SCCC and the
dates will be September 25-27, but don't base your travel plans around
that yet. It all depends on what sort of financing I can secure in the
next 3 or 4 weeks.

> It occurs to me that I gave a small talk on the Tek 4050 series last
> autumn (fall). I'd like to come to the VCF, and I could probably bring
> my 4052 and some demo programs, and give an adapted version of the talk
> (either in a scheduled slot or probably more suitably on a demo stand
> with the machine).

I'll talk to you about this offline.

> Finally, Sam, could you put me on the VCF mailing list, please. I tried
> to subscribe from the web page but we've just migrated to Lusedoze Not
> Tolerable and Internut Exploder, with the result that I couldn't get it
> to work...

Hmmmm...I thought I tested it under MSIE and it should be working. I'll
check again. If anyone else is experiencing problems with the forms
features then please let me know. Thanks for the tip. And yes, I will
add you to the notification list. To be addded to the mailing list I'll
need your physical address, unless you just want e-mail updates.

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